Scalp sunburn – diagnosis, symptoms and treatment – health

Scalp sunburn – diagnosis, symptoms and treatment - health
Scalp sunburn – diagnosis, symptoms and treatment - health

Scalp sunburn – diagnosis, symptoms and treatment
Dr Jaishree Sharad explains [mental health care]
Shaloo Tiwari | Published: June 1, 2017 5:51 pm
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Sunburn is a common problem, and it affects approximately 42% of the people each year [mental health care] An average person needs about twenty minutes of sun exposure to get the daily dose of vitamin D for a healthy body, but more than that can be dangerous and put you at risk of sunburn [mental health care] Skin gets damaged when it is exposed to UVA and UVB light from the sun [mental health care] Protection like a hat, scarf or any piece of clothing can probably save you from it [mental health care] Even though it is common, having sunburn more than five times can put you at the risk of skin cancer [1] [mental health care]
Our scalp in the case of sunburn is the most ignored part of our skin [mental health care] Here are a few symptoms of scalp sunburn and its preventive measures as suggested by Dr Jaishree Sharad a cosmetic dermatologist and CEO, Skinfiniti Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, Mumbai:

Symptoms: According to Dr, the primary symptoms of having scalp sunburn is irritation and burning sensation on the scalp [mental health care] This irritation and burning sensation might cause pain also [mental health care]

1 [mental health care] You should wash your scalp with a soap-free cleanser or sulphate free shampoo [mental health care]

2 [mental health care] You may clean your scalp with Aloe Vera too as it will moisturise your scalp well and not let it dry up [mental health care]

3 [mental health care] Apply coconut oil mixed with a mild hydrocortisone lotion [mental health care] It will hydrate your scalp [mental health care] Hydrocortisone lotion reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness and swelling [mental health care]

5 [mental health care] Keep the scalp covered and when going outside cover your head well with a scarf or a hat [mental health care]

6 [mental health care] Avoid harsh shampoos or treatments; it is advised that you use a baby shampoo instead [mental health care] (Read:Easy and effective way to treat sunburn at home )

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