Health of Frédéric Chopin

Health of Frédéric Chopin
Health of Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin’s ailment and the explanation behind his sudden passing at age 39 were habitually discussed. In spite of the fact that he was determined to have and treated for tuberculosis all through his lifetime, various elective determinations had been recommended since his demise in 1849. A far reaching survey of the conceivable reasons for Chopin’s ailment was distributed in 2011.[Health] An examination on Chopin’s heart, for which consent was at long last given in 2017, showed the feasible reason for death as pericarditis, caused by tuberculosis.

Case history

Chopin’s passing veil, made by Auguste Clésinger on 17 October 1849 (photos from the gathering of Jack Gibbons)

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From youth, Frédéric Chopin was wiped out and under medical care. He indicated narrow mindedness to greasy nourishments, particularly pork – these caused stomach throbs, looseness of the bowels and weight reduction. Later he attempted to dodge such manifestations with eat less carbs; he got generous change with fixings, for example, nectar and oat grain. Chopin accomplished a stature of 170 centimeters (5 ft 7 in) — the 25th percentile; and as a grown-up weighed under 45 kilograms (99 lb) — beneath the third percentile.[Health]

Chopin is known to have had no facial hair at 22 years old; as he wrote in the winter of 1832, he developed sideburns on just a single side of his face.[Health] In 1826 he was wiped out for a half year, experiencing expanded cervical lymph hubs and serious migraines. In 1830, a ceaseless cool caused nasal swelling which incited him to cross out arranged shows in Vienna.

In 1831, while in Paris, 21-year-old Chopin had his first scene of hemoptysis (hacking up of blood). In 1835, he endured an extreme two-month episode of laryngitis and bronchitis, and the subsequent interference in his correspondence with Warsaw offered ascend to babble that he had died.[Health]

In early youth, he treated himself with belladonna. In the last decade of his life, he treated the hacking fits from which he had endured as long as he can remember with a mix of sugar and opium. Chopin hacked up a plenteous measure of bodily fluid, especially around 10 a.m.[Health] He sporadically drank liquor, now and again smoked and – as a few creators noted – endured the results of breathing in others’ smoke while getting a charge out of the organization of his Parisian friends.[Health] In the most recent year of his life, he persisted bowel issues, caused either by cor pulmonale or by exocrine pancreatic deficiency (see underneath).

On 17 October 1849, at 2 a.m., after a sudden hacking fit, Chopin passed on at 39 years old. His doctor, Jean Cruveilhier, affirmed his passing by holding a mirror to Chopin’s mouth and by enlightening his understudies with light from a flame. In accordance with Chopin’s will, Dr. Cruveilhier, an eminent teacher of pathology, did a dissection. The after death discoveries were likewise conveyed to Chopin’s sister Ludwika, Adolphe Gutmann and Jane Stirling. The after death report was decimated either in the Paris fire of 1871 or amid World War II. The demise authentication expressed the reason for Chopin’s passing as tuberculosis of the lungs and larynx. Notwithstanding, Wojciech Grzymała, in a letter to Auguste Leo dated October 1849, composed that the post-mortem examination had not affirmed tubercular aspiratory changes and that his real sickness was obscure to contemporary medicine.[Health]


It is dubious what number of doctors Chopin had; different creators have given the number as 14,[Health] 31[Health] or “about 50”.[Health] moreover, the author had benevolent relations with different doctors, who may likewise have once in a while given him assistance.[Health]

In Warsaw, Chopin’s doctors were Jan Fryderyk Wilhelm Malcz, Franciszek Girardot and Fryderyk Adolf Roemer. In Vienna, Chopin was given medical care by Johann Malfatti. Chopin’s doctors in Paris included Aleksander Hofman, Jean-Jacques Molin, André François Cauviere, Jan Matuszyński, Adam Raciborski, Pierre Gaubert, Gustave Papet and Coste. Amid his 1848 remain in London – Mallan and James Clark. In Paris, in 1848– 49, he was dealt with by Léon Simon, Fraenkel, David Koreff, Louis and Roth.[Health] Chopin’s last doctor was Jean Cruveilhier.

Family history

Little is thought about the health of Frédéric’s dad, Nicolas Chopin, who lived to the age of 74 and experienced a few times respiratory diseases. The arranger’s mom had no interminable disease and achieved the age of 87.[Health]

Of Frédéric’s three sisters, Izabela passed on at age 70 and had no ailments; Ludwika experienced intermittent respiratory diseases and kicked the bucket at 47; the most youthful, Emilia, was of delicate health from soonest adolescence. Emilia experienced repetitive hacks and dyspnea; at 11 she started having hemorrhages from the upper gastrointestinal tract, and she passed on of an enormous drain at 14.[Health]

Endeavors were made to pick up consent to extricate a little measure of tissue from the heart so as to test it for a scope of particular conditions. Dr. Michael Witt of Warsaw’s Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology made such a demand in 2008, however authorization was denied by the Polish government.[Health]

In 2017, an examination was finally performed on Chopin’s liquor saved heart, under the course of Professor Michael Witt of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It uncovered that an uncommon instance of pericarditis, caused by confusions from constant tuberculosis, was the possible reason for Chopin’s death.[Health]



Chopin was determined to have tuberculosis and treated for it as per contemporary work on, including phlebotomy and cleansing. Tuberculosis figured in his passing endorsement, regardless of the claimed nonattendance of run of the mill organ changes. Pundits of elective theories about Chopin’s malady call attention to the copious proof for tuberculosis.[Health][Health][Health] Chronic hacks and hemoptysis are normal side effects of tuberculosis; complexities may incorporate both pericarditis, causing right-heart deficiency, and bronchiectasis, showing in gainful hack and respiratory disappointment.

A 20-year history of hemoptysis is uncommon in tuberculosis however not feasible. So also, huge tuberculosis is uncommon in youth, however it can’t be rejected on account of Emilia Chopin. Frédéric could have contracted tuberculosis from his more youthful sister.[Health]

A monograph on memorable techniques for treating tuberculosis has talked about individual medicines on the case of Chopin, since his history well represents sees on treating tuberculosis in the mid-nineteenth century.[Health]

Cystic fibrosis

Cast of Chopin’s left hand

The speculation that Chopin experienced cystic fibrosis was first exhibited by O’Shea in 1987.[Health]

Chopin conceivably was sexually dynamic from early adulthood, yet left no relatives. A few creators thought about this proof for fruitlessness, which supported the cystic fibrosis hypothesis.[Health]

Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency

A speculation of alpha 1-antitrypsin insufficiency was proposed by Kuzemko in 1994.[Health] According to this theory, Emilia’s lethal discharge was caused by burst esophageal varices, optional to liver cirrhosis over the span of alpha 1-antitrypsin inadequacy. Frédéric’s side effects of liver deficiency would be hypoproteinemia, feminization includes (no facial hair) and gastrointestinal dying. His demise would be clarified by liver disappointment and respiratory disappointment because of ceaseless obstructive pneumonic disease.[Health]

Mitral stenosis

Mitral stenosis was a conceivable, assuming improbable, cause for the craftsman’s protestations and was talked about by Kubba and Young in 1998.[Health] The most imperative contention against this theory is the nonappearance of confirmation that Chopin experienced rheumatic fever in adolescence, which is the most widely recognized reason for mitral valve stenosis.

Other diseases

Kubba and Young brought up various other possible, assuming impossible, analyze, other than cystic fibrosis and alpha 1-antitripsin insufficiency: eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis, unfavorably susceptible bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, hypogammaglobulinemia, idiopathic pneumonic haemosiderosis, lung abscesses, and aspiratory arteriovenous malformations.[Health]

Mental health

Chopin’s biographers have regularly addressed the subject of misery, yet the theme has seldom been proposed by specialists. One of only a handful couple of investigations of Chopin’s mental condition is a 1920 work by Bronislaw Onuf-Onufrowicz. The creator refered to biographers concerning Chopin’s character and mind and brought up a few side effects that may demonstrate a hyper depressive issue or dementia praecox (now named schizophrenia), yet he stressed the nonappearance of proof for serious psychosis and the way that solitary manifestations may just propose an inclination to such mental illnesses.[Health]


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